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side viewlabyrinthes of a browserJokes
Super mario moto
Rescue the puppy
Dancing Bush
Bush is also a person and likes to dance. And how and where - you choose
Other gamesfrom third facesfeed a fish
Dis Orderly
Sumo snowman
In a shelter for pensioners it is necessary to hold on some time, it will be hardIt is necessary to feed a snow sphere and to grow up a snowball
for the speedOther gamesMain road
Grid 16
Jurassic Park
Deus Racer highway combat
Set of micro-games in the spirit of Wario Ware. On each of them it is given all till some seconds, therefore the player should seize an essence of tasks quicklyDinosaur punches a trade mark of the film
others arcadesother browsersSport games
The Game of Disorientation
World Table Tennis Championship
In my opinion, absolutely good game. Collect balls in small groups and receive bonus points - anything difficult, but interestingGame is based on coordination check. You should pass from one edge of a labyrinth to another, thus don`t touch sharp walls and overcome obstacles. But to make it is not simple - the camera from above turns, that considerably complicates gameYou have to prepare properly for the first impact - set the force of impact, turn the ball
Shoot GamespaintingsOther games
Tankblitz Zero.
Jewel Thief
Utilize your Venom V-1 Tank to break through enemy defenses using mortar bombs, cannon shells, machine guns and much more. Select from over 50 possible vehicle upgrade at mission checkpoints.Draw what you want. It is possible to play then what you have drawn in repetitionIt is necessary to come into jeweller shop and to steal jewelry (the button the BLANK), and then to leave for transition to a following stage

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