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JokesJokestrack athletics
Lance La Hache
Drunk Klunk
Beach Run
Throw axes to Osama . The main thing - not to get in the vital organs at onceGuy wishes to drink and comes to the bar - operate a mousy not to fall on the floor
FlyingsMusical gamesblocks
Musical Space
Bistro stars
Purpose of game - flying as far as possible on mysterious caves. Operate helicopter by means of keys on the keyboard, to shoot - Enter, to dump a bomb - ShiftPress the stars and they will start to make sounds
Jokeswho furtherwith passage
George Wants Beer
Prehistoric football
Bosozoku Fighters
George searches for beer - help him to reach the shop, on the other way wiill fall asleep
searches somethingothers logicother browsers
Ninja or Nun 2
Fit Position
Gary and The Attack of The Brain Eating
Logic game in which you should fill cages with those figures what are drawn on a board. Management: click a mouse on cubes with figures (on the brink of a board). Game is difficult enough, but it can be passedSeller of ice-cream in a children's Amusement park has become angry and has started to destroy everything around. Maybe he hasn`t got the salary
Fightingbeat off attackSport games
Kumite 1.0
Next game is about karate. Management: Arrows (impacts) A (to go to the left) S (to go to the right)You have a geometrical figure - a circle which you should protect from squares --- you need to get in to the squares by the left button of the mousePress a ball by a mousy and not letting off aim to a basket. Then let off the button of a mousy

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