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Planetary Rescuer
Xiang Qi Training
Counter Strike Lite
Aggression comes from the other planet. Destroy balls on three identical colorsIn this game it is possible to play only together. It is a chess, only with some changes, for example, pressing on the certain figure, you can see where it is possible to put itShooting on targets in closed space - the best way to train in accuracy of shooting
Arcade gameson reactionarcanoid
Free Gasoline
Sue Sandwich Maker
Arcanoid 10
Operating the small little man catch falling cylinders with gasoline, but be careful barrel with oilArcanoid on endurance. It is not necessary to force down any bricks, it is necessary to beat off a ball to the wall before the headache
Gamblingsairto wander
Ray Quest
Pixelknight II
Craps - Game on good luck. It is played on the big table with high boards by pair of bones which are thrown by Shot. The game purpose is to guess if Shot throws out a winning combination
platformersgolfothers shootings
Two girls in Mario world
Golf - 85
Torpedo attack 2
Old kind golf though the unpretentious kind, but it is interesting enough. Many various fields on which blows for the minimum number it is necessary to throw a ball in the holeDo not allow the enemy ships to float to you
FlyingsArcade gamesSport games
Moon Lander G-8
You are the pilot of nuclear ship G8. Your purpose - studying of planet Omega. For this purpose it is necessary to make landings to the special cosmodromes. Management from the keyboard arrowsAs a snake you need to eat chips, and then to leave by the open door in a following stagePress a ball by a mousy and not letting off aim to a basket. Then let off the button of a mousy