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Fightingothers logicRole
Downing Street Fighter
Battlegrounds Joelasticot 2005
Fights between British leaders which are very well-known in their homelandIt is necessary to pass a silver ball in a portal, moving boxesExcellent role game in which it is necessary to break by a small group in to the other castle. Then you can increase army, magicians, buy potions
gold minerothers arcadesside view
Monkey Treasures
Bunny cross
Jump Racer
Help hares to pass through the rough river, and at the same time catch fruit in the way
other browsersBrowsersothers logic
Ontsnap Vit Speedgoedland
Brain safari
Very simple and colourful browser. It is possible just to relax hereGame consists of several levels. You are the robot which fights with his brothers
Logic gamestestsmemorizing
Heroines And Protaganists
Spelling of verbs
Think donkey! Think!
In this game some styles are mixed. For the beginning it is necessary to get for the certain time interval by the hammer on monsters, and then correctly answer the questionMany people know how to write verbs correctly, but not all. Why? There is a lot of the reasons. But there is a simple way for 3-5 minutes to correct it. The idea in developing skill similar to volume which people with "congenital literacy" possess, that is to bring a rule in subconsciousness. For this purpose you will need to choose only a right answer in offered phrases. After a while you can automatically answerBeautiful memorizing with heroes of cartoon film
others sportsFightingexit of the room
Water ski
Monster Sumo
Find a way out - 40
While float on a water ski, on road obstacles come across to you, to pass which it will be possible, only having pressed the corresponding buttonIt is necessary to push out the opponent behind the limits of a circle. Management is by arrows on the keyboardThink up how to get out of a stuffy room

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