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Board gamesBoard gamesexit of the room
Xiang Qi Training
Bulls -Cows
Dream Escape
In this game it is possible to play only together. It is a chess, only with some changes, for example, pressing on the certain figure, you can see where it is possible to put itChoose 4 figures and start to define what number the opponent has chosenYou wake up and understand, that a room in which you are, is not yours. Besides it is closed. It is necessary to get out
labyrinthes of a browsertower defenseStrategy games
Snake 2
GemCraft Chapter One - the Forgotten
Tiny Combat 2
Feed a snake with mice. Don`t confused in a labyrinth and get stuck at deadlock as each mouse extends a snake on one sectionProtect the staff from enemies. For this purpose all the time you get an ammunition
others arcadescatchother races
Alexs cat
Save Me 2
Go Logan
aerohockeywith passageothers arcades
Air hockey face-off
Gideon Fu
Game 6403
Football on gladiatorial arena. Clean the way from gladiators to score a goal
Arcade gamesQuestsair
The Legends Of Hiro
Small fish floated in the sea, and now there floats the dust, fishermen throw pomegranates, and alliens shoot from laser gunsHero wanders on a map looking for the place under the sun in this colourful gameUsual fights of planes. You shoot at planes and you dump mines on tanks. A drawing and staginess of operations does not differ, but nevertheless - war is war

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